Lionhead Golf & Country Club

Future Links-Junior Golf League



Juniors that choose to join the competitive section of the Kaneff Golf Academy junior leagues will be asked to sign up for a Future Links membership.  This will allow them to view upcoming matches online, look at league standings, and see previous week’s results.  Juniors will be evaluated during the first week’s lesson and teams will be chosen by the golf professional.  Teams will be chosen as evenly as possible to ensure that matches are fair throughout the season.

Each week begins with a group clinic with a CPGA Pro on a specific golf skill.  The juniors will practice this skill and then go onto the golf course for their 9 hole match. Each week a new game will be played which will expose the juniors to the various types of scoring that can be done while playing golf.  A sample of what the schedule for the junior golf league could look like is as follows:

Week 1: Teams are chosen and 2 Person Best Ball Match Play
Week 2: 2 Person Best Ball Match Play
Week 3: 2 Person Alternate Shot Match Play
Week 4: 2 person Worst Ball Match Play
Week 5: Individual Match Play
Week 6: 2 Player Team Scramble
Week 7: Team Net Match Play
Week 8: Individual Match Play
Week 9: Individual Net Match Play
Week 10: Junior Championship
Week 11: Ryder Cup
Week 12: Ryder Cup

Each night after the matches are played the scores will be entered into the system and juniors will be able to go online and see the team and individual standings.  Juniors will be encouraged to join our camps and clinics in order to hone their skills and work towards competing in the Junior Championship and the Ryder Cup at the end of the year.

The cost for the Future Links Junior Golf League is $299 for the season.  The league runs on Sunday evenings from 5:30pm until 8pm.

For any questions or to register please contact the administration office at or call (905) 455-4900